Just like humans, animals are also open to attachments, care and of course love. The species may vary but the feelings remain constant throughout. The pangs of separation is really hard to take up. Not every separation is meant to be melancholic though. Sometimes the separation could lead to an enhancement of the character. Here is a story of a girl named Emma who got a different story to tell regarding the separation from her loved ones.


Emma, a girl of 20, graduated on the same day as her birthday. She lived far from her hometown just to take up education in a renowned institution. She graduated last year and was looking up for the job in her field of interest. She was confident, kind and all sorted. 

Socially Selective

People called her rude, arrogant and coldhearted but little did they know, she was socially selective. She was not fond of being in the limelight. Moreover, she never got indulged in any kind of conversation in which one is being defamed by others. This is the reason why she had no true friends. Nevertheless, she was happy being that way.

Search For Jobs

Unlike other girls, instead of having a break or going on a vacation, she preferred to search for jobs to support her family. All-day long, she kept on sending resume companies to companies and wait for their response to come. Her life carried on this way until someone special made the entry making her life happy again.


Every friend of Emma wanted her to settle with a man or develop a romantic relationship with someone. Tired of their suggestion, she shifted in with someone who with time became a major part of Emma’s life. That, someone, was none other than her cat which she referred to as “Waffles”.


She took up a pet cat and started living a new life with her. Emma got a companion of her own. With the entry of Waffles, her life completely changed. She started living with somebody and for somebody. Waffles being chirpy and cheerful made a special part for itself inside Emma’s heart.

Change In Lifestyle

With the arrival of Waffles, Emma’s life drastically changed. She could feel herself to be worthy as she had the responsibility of the little cat as well. She acted like a momma to the cat and used to take care of her every day. She even was aware of the mood swings that her cat went through.