Life becomes miserable when the person we rely on leave. All the happiness of the Hoagland family was shattered in front of their eyes and they stood helpless. Decades have passed since the life-altering incident took place, even today it gives the family chills.

Linda Hoagland’s husband Richard Hoagland disappeared in broad daylight. She was left all by herself and with two sons to look after. Where did he go? And why? Was he in trouble? Or did he just abandon them?  Did he just run away from his responsibilities? Was he still alive? Will he ever come back? Questions like these kept on messing up her mind during all those sleepless nights.

The reason that made us share this story with our readers today is that Linda got answers to all her questions long after she stopped looking. She made a mistake of loving a coward and paid more than what one could ever imagine for this one mistake.

The Hoaglands

During the 80s, Linda and Richard met, became good friends, fell in love, got married, and had children; Matthew and Douglas. The couple moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where they settled in a beautiful house that was perfectly fit for a family of four. Linda and Richard were a loving couple who were always a part of the social gatherings and invited their neighbors on dinner every now and then.