Irritating The Patrons

A profuse sweat was forming on the man’s forehead. As he felt stuck, he said, “I’m asking nicely, ma’am; we’re all going the same way; just move along.”

His request went unanswered. Her gaze fell on him, and she intentionally turned away. On the side, another woman snickered. He was a laughing stock.

He Earned A Break

Due to his overflowing schedule, he rarely had time to sit back and relax.

During the flight, he hoped to relax and unwind, and he looked forward to a few days of sun and peacefulness. His flight would be far from the peaceful journey he had imagined.

One In A Million Chance

Malcolm was shocked when he finally checked in. He had finally boarded his flight to Fort Lauderdale after a long day of meetings and a tiresome journey to the airport.

He was surprised to learn that the airline overbooked economy class, and he was offered a complimentary upgrade to first class. How could he be so lucky?

Glee Around The Corner

Afraid of missing out on the extra legroom and luxurious amenities, Malcolm made his way towards his seat, excited about the prospect of a more comfortable journey.

A video clip of him walking to the plane was made. There was excitement and happiness in his eyes. The situation he was about to face could not have been prepared for.


Malcolm noticed the cheerful flight attendant announcing that the flight was overbooked as he boarded the plane. It was to Malcolm’s delight and surprise that he was upgraded to first class.

As he walked down the aisle, a wide smile spread across his face as he imagined the luxurious amenities and extra legroom that awaited. As the boarding line slowly inched forwards, it took a while, to say the least.

In The Way

The eager travelers lugged in their luggage as Malcolm watched. While trying to find his designated seat, his excitement quickly faded.

Laura stood in the aisle, seemingly unaware of the growing line of passengers behind her. She thought she was all alone on the plane, didn’t she?