As far as clothing goes, Cathy would still spend some money on buying clothes from retail chains like Wallmart and Costco. But apart from that, there wasn’t much she would bother thinking about. This means her hair goes all the way down on the priority list. And as a result, they have pretty much not been styled since the 80s, which was when her current hairstyle was in fashion! 

Unchanged For Decades

There is one thing not wanting to change your hairstyle, but it takes a whole other level of indifference to forget brushing it! That’s right, there were days when Cathy forgot to even put a brush through her hair. And over the years, the only thing she did for her hair was to dye them a light shade of blonde. She did it herself by using over-the-counter dyes.

Brassy Not Classy

Repeated dying of hair by using random dyes from supermarkets, left Cathy’s hair in a mess. Her hair gave a brassy look and the shade of blonde she had dyed them did not flatter her skin tone. Safe to say, a visit to a salon once in a while might have helped Cathy’s hair from this outcome. But she couldn’t even remember the last time she went to a salon.

Everyday Struggle

Over the years, the health of Cathy’s hair declined immensely. Her hair got dry and brittle due to repeated chemical treatments which made them prone to breakage. It got to the point where she stopped putting her hair down. She liked to keep it tucked away in a bun, which was easier and more manageable. And just like her hair, Cathy tugged her problems away too. 


Having raised three brilliant kids was Cathy’s biggest achievement. It wasn’t long before she witnessed her daughter go through the joys of motherhood just like she did. As a grandmother, Cathy felt like she was reliving being a new mother all over again. And for Cathy, the joys of good news did not end there!

Good News

Cathy knew her son has been carrying around a ring for a while. And finally, he proposed to his girlfriend! This means a wedding is around the corner. Her happiness knew no bounds. There was so much to do and plan and she was on it immediately.