What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Can you compare it to coming back home after a busy day at work only to find that a stranger has broken into your house? Could it get any worse? You are wrong if your answer is no as a woman from Oregon was taken aback by what she saw when she entered the living room of her house. It wasn’t just any stranger, it was a mountain lion sleeping on the couch of her living room. Even the very thought of anything like this happening to us send shivers down our spines. Read this unbelievable yet incredible story of this woman’s encounter with this wild animal that lasted for 6-long hours.

Mountain Lion

Mountain lions belong to the family of wild cats and these ferocious beasts are known by a dozen names that vary from place to place. You might know them by the name of Puma, Panther, Catamount or simply a Cougar. You might have seen these creatures while taking a spin at the zoo or during your visit to a wildlife sanctuary. Did you click the pictures though? But what if you encounter a mountain lion at the place you consider to be the safest, your home?

Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor was heading back home from work and it was turning out to be a normal day until she reached her home. She unlocked the front door and stepped in and thought of making herself a coffee. However, as soon as she stepped in, the woman heard a strange noise that was perhaps coming from the living room. The woman decided to go and check as she made her way into the living room and what showed up was not only unexpected, it was dangerous.

Unexpected Visitor

It was brave of Lauren to head straight into the living room where the weird growling sounds had been coming from, however, it wasn’t the smartest thing to do under such circumstances. What if a wild animal turns up and who is to say how it will react? It had to be an animal as it was pretty obvious from the noises she had heard but it wasn’t a stray dog or a monkey who had broken into her place. It was a wild cat.

Sleeping Cat

From the sound of those weird growls, Lauren had expected it to be the sound of a dog or a cat who but it was nowhere near something like that. In a way it was a cat though, a wild cat was sleeping on her couch. It was a mountain lion to be precise. Are you stunned? But you can’t be as stunned as the woman who witnessed this peculiar and frightening sight in her own very house. I’m pretty sure that no one comes back to their home expecting a mountain lion to be sleeping on their couch. Not just because of the fact that the mountain lion doesn’t pay the bills and he has no right to sleep on the couch. It’s because the habitat they live into is a lot different from where we live. So how did this mountain lion end up in Lauren’s home?

Similar To The Woods

No, It wasn’t an animal from the zoo who had absconded the place. Lauren was a resident of Oregon and to tell you there are at least 3000 cougars who live in the mountains of this coastal state. Apparently, the cougar was fascinated by the huge plants that Taylor had at her place and the stairs which are made from real tree branches. While Taylor certainly loved nature as it is obvious from her interior decor choices, she would never want a mountain lion to visit her.

An Open Invitation

The important question remains, how did the cougar make it to the inside of the house. He certainly liked the stairs after entering the place and he felt like home at Taylor’s place. The mountain lion certainly didn’t have access to the extra keys that Taylor left under the doormat. As it transpired, Taylor’s roommate had forgotten to close the backdoor and the cat had most likely entered from there. The wild cat didn’t even realize that she was walking into someone’s home and when it did, it was fast asleep.