When you find yourself in distress and worry, sometimes, your mind and body lose their sync. And so, sometimes, you end up dialing the wrong number. This can prove to be either a blessing or a curse. So, when this woman needed help, she mistakenly made a call to Jimmy John’s, a popular sandwich shop. The incidents that followed later ended up becoming life-changing, nay, life-saving…

An Army Veteran

We all know that even the strongest or toughest people go through difficult times where their body hurts when they are in excruciating pain. So even bodybuilders and people from the military undergo pain in the body. This man named Greg Holeman who is 48 years of age, who is also an army veteran found himself in a state of pain.

Congestive Heart Failure

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And since he was in such terrible pain, it was clear that this army veteran would need some help. And so, to be able to solve this problem, Greg was going to have to undergo spinal fusion surgery. There was yet another issue that this man had to consider, he was at high risk. This was because of the fact that Greg suffers from congestive heart failure.

Greg’s Sister

And since this was not minor surgery, Greg would have to be accompanied by someone else. So, because his surgery was a little serious, Greg’s sister, Lisa Nagengast had to travel and be by his side. His dear sister made a decision to fly into Nebraska from Florida. She knew that her brother was in critical condition so she dropped everything else to get there.

While Undergoing Surgery

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After taking her flight from Florida to be next to her brother all the way in Nebraska, Lisa knew very clearly that she would have to help her brother in every way. He would need her assistance as he had never needed before. So when she got to the hospital, she went straight to where her brother was, standing by him as he underwent the surgery.

Going Smooth

So with his site by his side, even Greg felt a lot better. The army veteran was happy to know that his darling sister was right there to hold his every time he felt a little scared or sick. He received the assurance that he needed while staying at the hospital. And so after Greg was done with his operation, everything went as planned and all went smooth.

Out Of The Hospital

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So, as a sister, Lisa needed to know for sure that Greg would be okay to be on his own again. She was filled with relief after she was told that Greg would require a little aftercare for when he would be sent back home. But, since he was still fresh out of the hospital, Greg was going to have a few health workers taking care of him even when he got out.