While she was still thinking about the noises, it stopped for a while. This made her more scared. Her mind started to run in every direction as she about what could be done. She thought of telling someone and picked up the phone to dial her neighbor’s number. She heard another faint cry as she dialed the number.


She wanted to be sure before she involved someone else so she thought of asking her kids about the same. She called them in a trembling voice. The kids came running inside the living room to check if everything was fine. They were surprised to find their mom sweating with fear. Would she be able to tell them the reason of her distress?


She asked her kids if those noises were audible to them too. Suddenly, the faint cries had stopped. The kids couldn’t understand what she was talking about while they nodded in disagreement and the mother too thought she had lost her mind. But when the kids were going back to their room, they too heard a faint cry in the room and got scared. They couldn’t understand where the noises were coming from.


The kids and the mother were looking at each while the faint cries grew to be louder. They ran towards their mother and stood beside her. She told them that they need to find out the origin of the noise somehow so asked them to disperse in every direction in the house. This seemed to be the only way to find out where was the voice originating from and solve the mystery.


She along with her kids dispersed in the house and followed the noise. After a while, they came at one point in the house and were sure that the voice was coming behind the living room’s wall. There was a television behind that wall so they thought they’d probably first check if the faint cries were coming out of the television.

No Source

They checked every nook and corner inside the house but couldn’t tell from where were the faint cries coming from. Now the lady of the house was frustrated, it was a rough day at work and now these cries were annoying her. But she knew if she didn’t find the source of the noise she wouldn’t be able to sleep. So she thought of another plan.