Hallucinations are common and can happen to anyone. Often people feel scared to go in an empty room because they feel that there might be some invisible spirit roaming in the darkroom. But nothing of that sort happens in real life and everything is just our imagination. At least that was what the protagonist of the story used to believe until one day she was forced to hammer her walls down to know what was hidden behind those bricks and get the surprise of her life.

Normal Day

It was a normal day in winter when the lady of the house entered her apartment after a long day at work. She had lots of things going on in her mind, she had to pay the bills, help the kids with their homework and run errands too. When she entered the house and switched on the light, her kids surprised her from behind the door and she too acted surprised as usual. But she didn’t know that there was another surprise that was yet to come.


She asked about their homework and school while she unpacked her bag. The kids told her the whole story and ran to their room to watch their favorite T.V show. She too started to make a list of all the grocery she needed to buy. Suddenly she heard a weird cry from another side. It had been days and she was constantly hearing those cries. A lot of times she tried to find it out but was unsuccessful every time she tried.

Finding Out

She was fed up by those weird sounds and wanted to know their origin so that she could end this torture for once and all. Many times she thought that she might be hallucinating and there were no such noises in real. Because it was she who was hearing these noises and no one else. But today she was determined to find out the reason. Would she be able to find out?


She sat on the couch while the noise still continued, her mind was roaming in all the directions thinking of all the possible reasons behind the voice. Though she had never believed in supernatural stuff, these noises were shaking her beliefs now. Then something clicked her mind. What was she thinking?


She knew her kids were mischievous but she was aware that they wouldn’t do anything just to annoy their mother. She still thought they were playing a little prank on her. The woman went to their room to surprise them instead. Were the kids making these noises?


She tiptoed to their room to surprise them and as she entered through the door, she was dumbstruck to find her kids sitting peacefully on the bed and watching T.V. Her mind had stopped working for a while and she didn’t know what to do. She came back to the living room where the faint noises still continued as she sat on the couch again. Who was making such noises if it wasn’t her kids?