Everything was going on normally for this woman when she decided to bring her grandpa’s old closet to her house. But, it was after she decided to open it that things took a strange turn and completely changed the lady’s life. The incident gained widespread attention once the woman decided to narrate it on social media. Read on to find out what happened exactly…

A Simple Wooden Box…

Plain And SimpleA woman from Michigan saw herself in the limelight after she decided to share some images on Imgur of the discovery she had made. She went by the name of  “Doggetofftheqcekmty,” on the famous online image sharing community and the images she had posted were titled, “Found a box in Grandpa’s closet.” The image you are seeing is of the actual box. Yeah, there is nothing extraordinary to the box, well, as far as the first look is concerned. The lady described it as covered with dust and not able to fully close. But, this did not stop her from taking a quick peek at it. It was this moment from where the woman’s mysterious journey began!

Not A Good Box. Really?

It Was UnremarkableAfter the woman decided to open the box, she witnessed the exact sight as you are seeing in the image. Precisely, on one side of the box, there were rolled up old and yellow paper. Her excitement grew a little after she saw a shallow corner on the other side hoping to see something interesting. But, she was disappointed to see it empty which was a big reason for her stating,“It’s not a very good box,” in her description of the box. Who knew that the woman’s perception towards the box was going to change completely after she decided to unroll some of the scrolls in the box. What did the lady find in the scrolls?

Family Treasures

Family TreasuresThe woman was taken aback by seeing a document dating back to 1922. Actually, it was a high school diploma of the Grand Rapids Central High School. A few moments earlier she had guessed that the box might be containing some family documents and realized that she was right after she carefully went through the contents of the box. The sight of her great-grandfather, grandfather, and great uncle’s high school diploma was enough to give her goosebumps, but, fate had planned something more dramatic and chilling for the lady as she continued to inside of the box. What had she found?

This Time It Was Something Else!

It Was Staring At HerIt seemed to the woman that everything happening around her was pre-planned as everything happened in a step by step manner gradually increasing the level of excitement and anxiety inside her. This belief of her got firm when she found out that there was a removable compartment in the box after taking out the diplomas. She immediately removed it and was again presented with the sight of another paper stack. Interestingly, they were not like the family documents she had found earlier which made the woman more curious. It seemed that she had got a hold of what the papers were about as the expressions of curiosity changed into those of being overjoyed. But, what did the woman notice which made her go through a complete change of emotions?

Pages From The Past

The woman described what she saw by exclaiming “Jack-Frikin-Pot!” on her Imgur account. Well, I am sure that you would have also reacted in a similar way after seeing the sight of magazines and newspapers from decades ago. Apart from being extremely old, the newspapers were special because they all contained information about some of the most significant historical events. The woman did not envision the sight she was witnessing even in her wildest dreams. She decided to take them out and spread it on her couch taking a look at each one of them closely. What she found after doing this left her totally astonished and without any doubt will leave you in a similar state after you take a look at the magazines and newspapers for yourself in the next slides to come!!

R.I.P. Mr. President

R.I.P. Mr. PresidentThis is a copy of the Baltimore Sun which dated back to November 23, 1963. The sight of this newspaper was an indication for the woman that her grandpa had been to Maryland. You would have instantly seen that the paper displays the unfortunate murder of President John F. Kennedy and the events which took place after it. One among those events that of Lyndon B. Johnson taking the place of John F. Kennedy is also mentioned in the paper. As you can notice that the front page tells about the drastic impact that the event had on the whole world and especially on the citizens of the U.S.A. But, this was just the starting as more interesting events were on her way next.