Some mornings are different than others and full of surprises. Suppose you walk into your kitchen. So far, you have not even opened your eyes properly and then you see something unusual, on the top of your microwave. Would you even believe it to be real?

Well, what Kim Fryer found in her kitchen one morning was someone’s unexpected presence. And her cat’s reaction to this someone was even more surprising. Read to see what happens when your cat doesn’t like the uninvited guest…

Family Dinner

The Fryer family planned to spend a day out. They went for a picnic in the nearby park and were planning to end their day with a movie and late-night dinner. The entire day and the evening was a great success and the family was busy in making as many memories as possible before the kids grow up and walk away in the direction of their separate lives.

Past Midnight

It was past midnight, and the Fryer family reached home after watching movies. As soon as they opened the door, they saw their cat, George sleeping on the couch as usual. After having dinner outside, they were all set to hit their beds as earliest as possible.  From a long time, the family was in need of a well spend Saturday like this.

A Typical Cat

Curious about everything but their owners, sleeping everywhere but on their beds, cats are born with a much higher level of swag than us humans, who adore their cats. George, the cat too had an attitude like that, yes, he loved his hoomans but he was a happy non-cuddler cat who loved to live in his own little world, either sleeping or looking outside the window, and, of course, mostly purring for food.

A Fully Grown Cat

George, a fully grown ginger male cat who goes for a daily morning walk with his hooman. He spends half of his days, chasing away the birds from his backyard and rest of the time he sits on the coziest sofa in the house.

Everyone Asleep

That night, everyone quickly headed to their bedrooms. It was winter season and their cat, George was sleeping with their daughter. Kim was awake to complete some office work but she too slept around 1 am. The family slept unaware of the fact that they forgot to do a very important thing that night.

Open Window

So, that night, exhausted Kim didn’t close one of the windows in the kitchen. And we all know how leaving a door or window open is giving an invitation to much possible danger. How scary can it become when someone intrudes in your safe haven.