No Security

None of the residents of St. Johns had ever felt threatened by any kind of danger in the area. No house had fences or high walls to protect them, and it still seemed perfect. But today, Alexandria wished that maybe she should have had fences around her garden. 


Alexandria was just about to finish her coffee feeling the light cold breeze of December, when she saw two enormous dogs come running in her garden. She could not understand what was wrong, but was surely scared of the frantic way the dogs were barking in.  

On Camera

On the other side, Maureen’s camera had caught Sadie and Bella come out of the house after they were barking very loudly inside the house. The footage recorded them unlocking the front door through its handle and running outside insanely. 

The Garden

It was Sadie and Bella who had come to the garden of Alexandria and were barking in a deafening voice.“I usually am very routine, but that day, I didn’t do my usual,” Alexandria recalled. “I was sitting on the floor drinking coffee and saw her (Sadie) outside. Then I heard the other dog barking.” 


Alexandria was dreading going in her garden because she was unable to make it as to why the two dogs were behaving so strangely. She was actually afraid of them because it seemed like they had come to harm her. But it was something more than she could ever imagine that they had come to her for. 


Alexandria took a deep breath and decided to go face the dogs and see what they were up to. She kept down her cup of coffee and ran downstairs, doubting each step that she took, if it was the right decision or could she get hurt, or something even worse could happen.