In Mint Condition

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The original price would have been at around $200, and the sale price was only $3. It was more like a steal than just a good purchase. As we all know, mothers need to carry a good bag that not only is pleasing to the eyes but also very practical and handy.

Almost Unbelievable Offer

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She was so shocked to see the price drop that she admits she thought they had made some sort of mistake. With a deal like that it almost seemed too good to be true so of course, her bargaining instincts made her purchase it right away.

There Was Something Wrong

In the end, Sarah did get to receive more than she ever bargained for. When she got home that day, there was something weird about the bag, she couldn’t see what at first. “I was cleaning it and just noticed something heavy shaking around in there,” she told local news station KTVL.

What Is Hiding Inside?

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If you have ever shopped at a secondhand store, you would know that often times, the pre-owners leave an item or two behind. Trivial stuff like coins and toys have been common finds in pockets of clothes. Knowing the purse was secondhand, she felt anxious what might be hidden in the bag.

A Secret Hole

Sarah was quite puzzled after searching in and out of every pocket, the bag had to offer. Or so she thought. Soon enough, after a detailed search of the handbag, she discovered a hole in the lining of the diaper bag. Was this the hold where the item had been hidden?

Revealing the mystery

For something she had just recently bought, it was hard for Sarah to punch in a hole but when the curiosity got the best of her, she did. So when she reached her hand through the hole and felt something heavy and metal inside the lining of the bag.