Bargain shopping, who doesn’t love it right? Getting amazingly cheap deals on beautiful pieces of clothes, shoes, and handbags, is a dream come true for any woman. Sometimes, one even gets their hands on coveted couture pieces which would otherwise remain elusive. But at times, one can get their hands on a lot more than they bargained for.

Who Is Sarah Thomas?

It all started with a bargain hunter named, Sarah Thomas. She had found out something really weird about a diaper bag she recently got which felt way too heavy to be empty. In the concealer portion, she was shocked to discover a baffling object hiding all along.

The Mystery Item

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In her heart, she immediately felt that the object needed to be returned as it would potentially be far too precious to just take with her., and so she started her journey to solve the mystery behind the mysterious item she had found from the bag.

Bargain Hunter Adventures

For Sarah, bargain hunting is not merely a hobby, she, in fact, owns an online portal on the social site, Facebook. Sarah’s Southern Oregon 2nd Hand Deals is what she named her store. Through her business, she hopes to provide good deals on everyday necessities ranging from handbags to baby clothes.

Business Sometimes For Self-Gain As Well

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For someone who loves to shop and look for good deals on just about anything, not necessarily clothes, she finds time to shop for herself even. She often spends her free time hunting for bargains for herself and not always thinking of her online shop.

On A Personal Shopping Day

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Like most women her age, she likes to shop for stuff not only for herself but for her other family members or even commodities fro her home. It was on one of her latest personal shopping trips where the story of the mysterious item all began.

One Great Deal

Goodwill is obviously one of the best places for bargainers to shop. This is exactly where Sarah made her stop. Something caught her eye here that Sarah spotted which was a beautiful vintage designer diaper bag, and she knew it had to be hers.