Even though most of us are taught since childhood that we shouldn’t trust strangers. By the time we are adults we think we know better and neglect these lessons.

When this California woman accepted a ride offer from a stranger, she thought everything will be normal and she wasn’t in any danger. But not too long after the journey began, she realized otherwise


The Stranger

Grim Sleeper Story

This incident took place on 19th November 1998, when this 30-year-old, mother of two was walking to her friend’s place. Suddenly a car pulled over right beside her and offered to give her a ride to wherever she was headed to. Even though she found the offer quite generous, she refused the offer.

A Friendly Offer

Grim Sleeper Story

Even after Enietra Washington declined their offer, this man insisted on giving her a ride and refused to take no for an answer. “That’s what’s wrong with you black women. People can’t be nice to you,” he said. The man driving the car looked in his 30’s and at this point, he looked like he was very mad at this mother of two.

Guilt Trip

Grim Sleeper Story

Hearing that comment made Enietra feel really bad. She felt that had been extremely rude to the man for who seemed genuinely nice. In fact, he was dressed quite nicely too, wearing khakis and button-up shirt. “I guess I appeared stand-offish and when he said it, I thought he was being nice and I felt sorry for him,” Enietra said.

 The Decision

Grim Sleeper Story

“I thought maybe I came off rough and I said OK you can take me to the house,” explained Enietra. She assumed that no harm could possibly come from allowing this man to drive her to her friend’s place, especially since it was really short distance. But it was the decision that would soon turn into her biggest regrets.

A Pit Stop

Grim Sleeper Story

Once Enietra got inside the car, the man started driving off quite literally into the opposite direction, he told her that he quickly needed to pick-up some money from his uncle’s place. While the man parked the car by the road and went inside the house, Enietra waited for more than 10 minutes in the car for him to return.

Something’s Not Right

Grim Sleeper Story

Once the man returned from the house, he began calling Enietra by some other name and claimed that she had been ‘dogging him’ and was being bed-mannered. “I thought he said ‘Brenda’ and I was like, ‘That is not my name,’” At this exact moment Enietra realized that something was terribly wrong.