One of the most loyal pets one could ever ask for is a dog. There have been countless incidents wherein dogs have proven their love and loyalty to their masters. They do not judge and certainly aren’t shy about showing their true feelings for their owners. Today’s story revolves around a lovely dog that goes by the name Xiongxiong. This dog is a true example that shows just how much dogs would do to be close to their master. Xiongxiong is a dog that shows patience and devotion. Find out how…

Here Is Xiongxiong

Most people would choose dogs to be their pets as they are undoubtedly one of the most devoted animals out there. If ever you have owned a dog, you will know very clearly just how amazing they are and that they are willing to do anything for their families. So here is one such dog called Xiongxiong who has proven just how loyal he is. His name translated to“bear” in Chinese and boy does he looks like one!His humongous size is not the only thing worth talking about when it comes to this dog.

Big Heart

A dog’s love is pure and unpolluted. They never judge their owners based on what they look like, the color of their skin or how much money they have. They usually just really really love the family that keeps them. This dog named Xiongxiong not only has a big body, but he also has a very huge and warm heart! Make sure you have a tissue near you because this wonderful dog’s story will surely leave you teary-eyed! So why does this dog sit on the sidewalks the whole day, every day?

Mr. Chen

Like other dogs, Xiongxiong is truly close to his owner. This is not uncommon because most of our dogs are usually very attached to us. The man who is standing next to the dog is called Mr. Chen, and he actually owns Xiongxiong. To say that Xiongxiong is in love with his master would be an understatement. He is crazy for him because Mr. Chen loves his dog so dearly. They have stayed together for about 8 years now and the way they met was another very interesting case.

Adopting Xiongxiong

This lovely dog Xiongxiong is actually 15 years old. Isn’t that an impressive age for a dog? The dog has stayed with Mr. Chen since the time he decided to the adopt the doggy for himself. Xiongxiong was a street dog and was constantly under threats and danger from the streets he stayed in. Mer.Chen took him in and ended his miserable life to live with him. Maybe this is the reason why Xiongxiong does this incredible thing for Mr.Chen every day to show his gratitude?

Waiting For His Master

As soon as Mer, Chen leaves for work in the early morning, Xiongxiong would always want to go with him. He knows he cannot follow Mr.Chen to work so the only thing left for him to do is to wait for him to come back home. This dog cannot just wait for Mr.Chen at home as he does not want to waste a minute of their time together. He would wait for his dear owner at the train station itself. To make things even more amazing, this dog has to wait for a very long time. Can you guess how long?

Waiting 12 Hours 

Mr. Chen job requires him to work for about twelve hours every day. That is half the time a whole day makes right? Xiongxiong would sit on the train station and wait patiently for his master to get off from his work. To have a dog as dedicated to his master as Xiongxiong would definitely be a dream come true, right? Would you ever wait for someone for 12 straight hours, in one spot, without complaining or doing something else? Well, this dog does not show any signs of unhappiness to wait for his dear master.