If you know anything about cats, you would be aware of the fact that even these adorable pets come in different shapes and sizes. Today we will take a look at the story of an amazing cat who actually holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. That’s right Ludo, the Maine Coon is supposedly the biggest cat on the planet. One would think that since Ludo is such a huge feline, he would he would be intimidating but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This lovable furball has a human brother with whom he shares the most precious bond!

So Who Is Ludo?

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Well, if you say you have seen a big cat, prepare to get blown away because Ludo is the largest cat on the entire planet. He is so huge that one would think he is a little abnormal. However, he belongs to one of the biggest cat breeds out there. Ludo is actually a Maine Coon cat that weighs around 34lbs and is 45 inches long. He is owned by a loving couple named Kelsey and Matthew Gill. They take care of the big cat in their house located in Ryhill, West Yorkshire.

Sweet Feline

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We usually associate large animals as being intimidating and ferocious. Most of the animals that rule the jungle are usually very large in size. But that is not the case for this Maine Coon cat. Ludo is actually a sweetheart who would never harm a living soul. He’s a lovely cat- he’s very friendly and affectionate but some people who visit are scared of him as they’re used to seeing dogs that size, not cats, explains his keeper Kelsey when asked to describe how he is.

Friendly Cat

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Ludo is commonly mistaken to be a fearsome cat, his owners are quick to note that he is not at all what he looks like. In fact, you would be surprised to know that he really is a softie. His owner further explains how he behaves with them, Even though he’s huge, he’s so friendly and lovable. He’ll often come over and lay on the bed or flop out on the floor to be stroked. Did his owners have any clue that Ludo would become this huge enough to hold a world record?

No Idea

The owners revealed that even when Ludo was a kitten, he was not that little. When we bought Ludo, he was no bigger than any of the other kittens in his litter as Maine Coon’s are quite chunky as kittens, Kelsey admitted. She further explains that it is not troublesome to take care of him as people may speculate. She explains this by saying, Although he’s big, we’re still able to pick him up and take him places if we want, but he is very heavy.

New Family Member

So as a family, we are often faced with the anxiety that our pet may not respond well when introduced to our kids. Children are way more vulnerable when it comes to spending time with animals. This was the same case for the Gill family when they wanted to add a new family member. Kelsey soon got pregnant and a healthy baby boy was born. The couple decided to name him Ryder. It was fortunate for them as Ludo soon grew very fond of him and there was no problem at all.

In Love

The Gill family was so pleased to learn that Ludo was absolutely amazed by Ryder. He was always spending time with the baby and never wanted to leave his side. Ludo was such a gentleman when it came down to handling the baby. The couple explains that it was love at first sight when Ludo met the new baby Ryder. After their meeting, Ludo remained by Ryder’s side as if he was ready to protect him at all cost. However, this behavior turned out to be unsurprising for the parents…