In the beautiful spring of 2018, a team of wildlife experts saw something extremely astonishing in the middle of a vast land that hasn’t been discovered ever before. It was a surprise because in the past several scientists and tourists have visited this same place but nobody ever saw what this team saw. Maybe it was because the team was on a helicopter when they were investigating the area, unlike others who explored the area on their feet. You’ll be surprised to see what this place was hiding for only god knows how many years. Let’s see what they found out inside the stunning wilderness of British Columbia…

Helicopter Ride

The team was asked to count the resident caribou (a large North American reindeer). As they were exploring the area, they saw another amazing thing that took them by surprise. They couldn’t believe at first but, when they went down to check it out it was more wondrous than anything in the world. Unable to control their excitement they started to investigate it and things changed for everybody.

Vast Country Hiding Many Wonders

We all know how vast Canada is. This is one place that has a wide variety of beautiful wildlife and breathtaking nature. If you measure the country by area, then it is the second biggest country in the whole world. Did you know? Only around 35 million people actually live there and the majority part of the area is unpopulated. So it’s like flora and fauna surviving in the same area peacefully without any human intervention. Now that’s a very pretty picture to imagine about.

Fascinating Wildlife

Canada is one country that allows geologists to study wildlife as it has over 70,000 species of fauna and flora. Major parts are still untouched by humans which makes the area pretty amazing as compared to other parts of the world. Because the area has a very low human interference, this could be the reason that nobody was able to locate this incredible thing this team discovered. What it was, you ask? You’ll find out soon.

It’s A Beaver’s Life

As we already told you that there is an abundance of wildlife in the lands of British Columbia, including wild bears, beavers, marmots, wolves, and caribou. This land is also filled with a rich variety of bird species including, rare hawks, majestic eagles, and regal ospreys all of these guards the sky while others guard the land. With rivers flowing in the land on which the major part of the wildlife survives there is also plump trout and fresh salmon, and along the coast, you can even see porpoises and whales.  It is truly a heaven on Earth.

Vast Ecosystem

Even though the area is still untouched with the human presence the ecosystem of British Columbia is thriving peacefully. Unfortunately, there are numbers of creatures in that same land that fall into the category of endangered species. The government didn’t take this very lightly and they are trying their best to save the species. But what surprising is that even the government authorities who keep visiting the area weren’t able to discover that particular thing that this team found out. Maybe they were destined for that.

Dwindling Numbers

Native to British Columbia there are several other species that are continuously falling in numbers including, spotted owl, the American white pelican, and the Vancouver Island marmot. The major reason behind their dwindling numbers is the habitat which is being affected by us humans. The scientists are trying their best to save the species and hopefully, they would find some way to do that.