Marriage is an institution, a union of two souls. It is the sole relationship that has its roots deep grounded on the basis of Trust. For any relationship to work well, the pre-requisites are loyalty and honesty among the two partners, and when it comes to marriage, these two factors are the prime foundation of this union.

Not everyone is that fortunate to get a faithful and a loving life partner. Those who find one, their future and life is a bliss, but those who don’t, they have to live a life on compromised terms. While Jonna Miller thought that her marriage was the perfect one, a reality struck her. Her husband would daily come home late from work and then one day when she couldn’t bear it, she takes a closer look at his clothes. And the revelations changed the entire dynamics of her relationship.

The Perfect Ones

Jonna Miller and her husband David were a perfect couple from Leesburg, Indiana. Well, that was what everyone assumed for quite a long time. Their days were full of love and laughter. Every morning started with a hug and every night was marked with a beautiful kiss. Everything appeared to go smoothly until the days her husband started coming home at late hours.

His Fragrance

Jonna was so much in love with David that whenever he was off to work and she went for getting the clothes from laundry, she would often stare at David’s shirt, smell it and hold it tight. Even his fragrance was capable of enlightening her mood. His odor was all that was needed to make her recall of their happy life. But, one day while looking at David’s shirt, all her illusions broke.

The Gamechanger

As always that morning as well Jonna went to the laundry. She had a lot of clothes that day. Each and every piece of clothing was washed and perfectly ironed. She felt satisfied as a major chore of the day was done. But just then she suspected something odd on David’s clothes. Something that answered all her questions she somewhere had been ignoring and keeping in the back of her mind. What was the matter?

Something Strange

Though David and Jonna had not been married for long, as they had been dating since long, they knew each other quite well. In the initial days of their marriage, David was always present on Jonna’s side, but as days passed things did not take place in the same manner. His behavior became a little awkward and was uneasily strange to his wife.

Late Hours

Not once nor twice, it became a routine for David to come home late. Jonna would be wake waiting for her husband to return from work. All day she earnestly waited for him to come home so that they could have some good time together. But she started getting worried as David would come late. For some unknown reason her trust was shaken, her insecurities gathered all her mind. And she had every reason to be.

Stressing Over

Is he not happy with us? Has he lost interest in me? Am I a dominating wife? Or has he found someone better? Day after day, Jonna would stress over all these thoughts. Life took a deviation from usual and this turn was bothering her. Her ever happy married life was not the same anymore. And that day when she saw David’s clothes, her life changed forever.