The Bold Step

“My husband was the workforce. He’s the one who ran the restaurant,” told Deedee. “At first I couldn’t even come into here, I couldn’t walk in, it was difficult,” remembered the lady who despite having a choice to sell the place and pay her debts anytime chose to run the restaurant as she was emotionally connected to it.

The Downfall

After Yianni’s death, the restaurant’s customers started to become less. The situation worsened so much that Deedee could only see the same old faces as customers each day. These people have been going there every other day and they continued showing up even after Yianni was gone.

Chasing Hubby’s Dream

Deedee shared Yianni’s dream of making their restaurant one of the topmost pizzeria of the town. She wanted to keep the restaurant in the same state as it had been when her husband was alive. But was it even possible for her to do all this alone?


The profit was minimal and Deedee was hardly able to meet her expenses. She had mortgage payments to make and almost a year’s unpaid bills. She used to sleep less and work more and everyone who knew her could see the stress on her face. While everyone was there just consoling her, one of the kids actually walked in to help. “I had a mortgage to pay, I had a business to run, I had people here that were depending on me. Now I had to learn how to do everything,” described Deedee.

Daughter To The Rescue

So, one of Deedee’s daughters felt her mom’s pain and agony. The new reality was hard to adjust with and Deedee’s daughter eventually left her own job at a law firm just to be able to help her mom with the pizzeria fulltime. They just wanted to continue Yianni’s place which he ran successfully for so many years.

Leaving Her Job

Deedee’s daughter, Vickie Zgonis said, “It’s family; it’s kind of what you do,” she added, “If they need you, you step up to the plate and do it.” Together the ladies started to get a hold of the situation and Vickie’s main concern was to free her mom from her sorrows.