Charlie and Velvet were now married for almost forty long years. They together had faced all the happiness and difficult times in life. From giving birth to beautiful kids to raising them up into independent beings, the duo had done their best bid. While everything was going just fine, a phone call brought a turmoil into their contented life.

The Unfortunate

Charlie was only 57-years-old when he suddenly one night fell a victim to the heart-attack. It was so sudden that none realized that they won’t be able to retrieve him. For Velvet, her support system was gone. She slipped into depression. It was as if the rainbow had lost all its colors. And to come out of that grief she came up with a perfect solution.

Not So Perfect

As per Velvet keeping her husband alive through a sign was a perfect solution. Yet it didn’t turn out to be the perfect one. She wished that everyone who loved Charlie keeps him alive in their hearts and memory. Unluckily, her idea was something that shaped her future in a manner she never thought. Her future was affected. What was this peculiar about the sign?

Where It Began

Charlie was a bartender at a local club named Grissini. As a part of his profession, he met a lot of new and influential people on a daily basis. Serving the people for nearly 20 years with exactly what they demanded and at the right time was something that made him a renown and loved bartender in the community. The clients had an altogether different attachment towards him.

 Dedicated Employee

Charlie was not only an idol husband who showered all his love on Velvet but was also a dedicated employee. Rather the clients at bar loved him so much that before heading to the club, they would call and ask if Charlie was on duty that night or not. And if not, they wouldn’t turn up that night but when, when Charlie would be serving them. If he was this loved then why did the people react in the way they did, on witnessing Velvet’s sign which she created in the memory of Charlie.

Jack Of All Trades

Charlie was never limited to his work only. It won’t be wrong to call him the Jack Of All Trades. He enjoyed his work so much so that even on his days off, he would visit the bar and would work for someone else’s shift. He didn’t mind working extra hours either. While Velvet always bragged about her husband being the gem of a person, she never knew what one night at the bar would bring to her and Charlie.