Photographer’s words

She told them that the shadows were looking really awful on the beautiful, sunny day, which is why she was needed to retouch the photos. But there was only one problem in this, her professor had never taught her how to re-touch the photos. but that wasn’t even all of it.

No Refund

The family asked the lady for the original photos since they wanted to look at the before and after of these hilarious photos. At the same time they were kind enough to not request a refund from her and indeed they were too hilarious to be mad about. here are the rest of them.


And let’s be honest, would you really ask for a good, professional photograph when you can have something as unique and hilarious as these photos? Just think about it, boring and generic family photos or creepy cartoon faces which are staring right into your soul. Which one would you like?

Whole family

There seems to be no end for these photos. Even though this entire thing had not been planned to be like this in the beginning. One has to be really glad about the way it turned out in the end. because let’s be honest here the original would not have been nearly as good as these. But there’s more.


This professional photographer had not only taken a couple photos, but she had taken numerous photos from different angles at different positions. But still, in the end, everything ended up going completely south with this professional. After the whole shebang, this is the final result!


From this one incident, this photographer gained unprecedented fame! Indeed she got soo famous online she decided to make her very own facebook page where she opened up her doors for people to submit their photos so that she could perform “touch-up” on them make them “better”