Abandoned Mother Dog?

One neighborhood has a concern about an abandoned dog as they thought it was affecting more than one dog. This was mainly because the dog showed signs that it had just birthed puppies. When help arrived though, there was not a single puppy in sight and they became a tad confused.

Helping Local Animals In Need


Hope For Paws, is a good dog rescue and shelter home located Los Angeles, California. This amazing organization was founded by Audrey and Eldad Hagar aims to save animals needing help in and around the locality. They even go as far as to provide medical help and care for any animal that needs it.

 A Massive Popularity Online

One of the main functions of the Hope For Paws team is to carry out rescue jobs and searches. They sometimes document their journeys which enables people to get a better understanding of how their job is. Their videos have a wide following online. There are multiple videos that have reached over one million views on YouTube.

Source From A Local

In December 2017, the organization taped one of the most heartbreaking stories they had ever encountered. Often, the Hope For Paws team relies on a member of the public to tip them off about creatures in need. In this particular case, there was a tip by someone about an abandoned dog at the local park for them to go and save.

A Unique Occurrence

A crew quickly went to help the dog in need. This was a unique case as the job was especially urgent since their informant reported that the dog was lactating.” There was also some speculation that it may have most likely, given birth to a litter of newborn puppies.”

  No Puppies In Sight

When the crew arrived on location, there were no puppies to be seen. They only spotted one adult dog that seemed to be quite fascinated by all of the commotions there. But despite her fear, the hungry animal approached Hope For Paws staff, hoping to perhaps be fed by them.