It’s truly heartbreaking while seeing an animal in pain or distress. The only thing worse is the helpless feeling that comes with it for not having the resources to give that animal the aid it needs. But, in this case, the people didn’t lose hope and produced a result worth watching through their sincere efforts.

A Cry Of Distress

A man was walking back towards his home after work, suddenly he heard a crying voice which seemed to be of baby animals. The problem was that he could not understand where they were coming from until he followed the sound to a construction debris.

A Shocking Sight!

On reaching the debris, the man was shocked on seeing three puppies crying for help! As the man stepped forward to help them, he saw that the problem was much worse as the puppies were completely stuck in a pit of tar. Seeing this, the man got puzzled as he didn’t know what to do next.

Time Was Running

The worse thing was that the tar was hardening very fast and he couldn’t go on with the two obvious choices of pulling the puppies or exposing himself to the substance, as they both were dangerous for him as well as for the life of the puppies. 

Called For Rescue

The man made a sensible decision of calling the rescue organization, “Animal Aid Unlimited”. He knew that he won’t be able to save the puppies, so why not call the specialists. The rescue team arrived quickly, on first sight, it seemed to be a very uphill task to save the puppies, even to them.

A Tough Situation

After trying hard to release the puppies, the rescuers realized that pulling the puppies from the tar won’t help and they would have to separate the tar later as the puppies were very badly stuck in it. 

Took Them For Treatment

They decided to move the puppies along with the tar they were stuck to, back to their treatment facility. They were just hoping for the best, as they had no idea for how long the puppies were trapped, or if they could survive till the treatment is done.