Fishing is one of the most popular recreational and relaxing activity in the whole world. One who has tried it even once can agree with the fact that the job a fisherman is not that easy as it seems. Being a fisherman you have to always be ready for witnessing strange and surprising things being pulled by the end of your hook. But, what two fishermen from Canada witnessed while fishing will surely leave you gasping for breath!! Read on to find out…

Ontario, Canada

Obviously, the first thing which pops up in mind when thinking about Ontario, Canada’s most populous province are the mighty and magnificent Niagara Falls. But, someone who resides there or has visited it even once will surely describe it as a place with beauty in abundance of all sorts. Serene and awe-worthy landscapes, amicable natives and street food making it one of the best travel sites in Canada. But, who knew that it would also house one of the strangest sights that anyone can witness.

A Fisher’s Paradise

If you are a passionate fisher then Ontario is the place you should surely visit. The reason being its various fishing operations on exotic and famous lakes. Some of the best fishing resorts in Ontario give you the chance of fishing on Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, Lake Scugog and Lake Simcoe. Not only this, these operations which witness natives and tourists from all over the world getting enrolled also provide them the experience of world’s best fly fishing trips! Well, after all this comes the scary fact that the incident going to be talked about started with just a simple fishing trip.

The Trip That Changed Everything

It was May 17, 2015, when two fishermen friend decided to visit a lake near Field, Ontario to do the thing they loved the most which was obviously fishing. It was not something new for them as such trips were a part of their routine. Little did they knew that this trip of their’s was going to make them experience something completely different and sinister from their previous ventures. They had expected to catch few walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, or whitefish swimming in the characteristic chilled water of the lake which form a big chunk of Canada’s seafood export. But, instead of that, they stumbled upon something that they would not have thought of in their wildest dreams. To be honest, the fishermen had a premonition of the actual encounter because of the loud sound they heard while fishing! 

A Shriek!

The fishing trip took a really amazing turn when both the fishermen heard something which seemed like a high-pitched cry. The fishermen were sure of one thing after hearing the sound that it didn’t come out from a northern pike or a walleye. They also realized that the sound came from somewhere near the shore. So, they moved towards it in order to clear the air of mystery and amazement. On reaching the spot where the cries seemed to come from the fishermen saw a sight which literally blew their mind. Obviously, the sight of a moose in a lake filled with ice cold water intended for fishing can drive anyone crazy. The fishermen moved towards him without wasting any time perplexed from the inside about the whole situation. But, soon all their doubts were going to get cleared.

The Mama Moose!

Yes, it was the moose’s mother which was proving to be the main problem for the fishermen to rescue the animal. If you take a close look at the image you can see the mother standing in the bushes and this was the exact view that the fishermen had at that moment. You might be wondering how is that possible. Well, all your doubts will get cleared after you find out what happened when the boat got close to the moose.