Errands At Walmart

So as we all know, Walmart is the place to go when you need household supplies of any kind. And this lady here needed several items for her home so she went there for a visit. This was just another average trip to Walmart when she spotted a veteran parked in her way. She was not about to go ahead with her day without doing something. She waited to see how he was for a while and as she was watching him struggle for some time she knew she had to do something. So she decided then and there to get out of her car and get to the struggling man. She had to help him quickly as she needed to go about her day as well. And what took place after this left the man in complete awe.

 A Helping Hand

So when Megan made up her mind to help, she quickly shifted her car gears and pulled back her car to the parking spot. Then Megan hopped out of her vehicle to get to the struggling man’s location. He was not able to walk properly and showed signs of difficulty in moving across the parking lot. The old man appeared to feel really bad for making her come out…

The Incredible Distance

So when he explained to her, the amount of distance he had to travel to come and get his groceries, Megan was stunned. The man in the chair had actually traveled quite long and far to be able to do his shopping. Megan also found out just how much he had struggled to get here. He actually had to wheel himself from his house to Highway 119. This was just the start…

Going Viral

And so when she penned down her experience on social media and shared it, Megan did not expect anything to happen much of it. But she would soon learn just how touched everyone else was about her little episode with the old veteran. It was a mere emotional post when she first shared it, but after people read it, they shared it and pretty soon it was read by so many across the nation.

Doing Some Reflecting

Megan was incredibly glad to have met the old man because she unexpectedly got to learn so much from him. “I’m so glad the post has touched so many people,” Megan revealed in an interview she gave back in June 2015, “There are far too many people like that gentleman who need help, and I want to encourage everyone to help others. Trust me, it will be a very humbling experience,” she added.