How easily we say the word “Adoption” without realizing how much emotions this single word holds. Adoption encompasses love, sorrow, compassion, joy, miracle, and hope. It is the craving for a family and above anything, it is the longing for love.

Foster parents shower the children with love. They try their best to give the child all that he or she deserves. Yet, somewhere the adopted children always wish to know about their biological parents, their birth family. Maybe it actually is the gene which compels the child to know more about their existence. Holly O’Brien felt that her life was incomplete. Never knowing who her birth parents were, she grew up trying to fit in the adopted world.

South Korea

This story is from the life of a woman who belonged to South Korea. She was an adopted child, who was in a constant search of her birth ties. She always wondered if she could ever locate her biological mother. She would have felt really happy even if she ever came across any of her siblings if any. But in this huge world finding a family one knows nothing about is tough…