The 20th greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema according to the American Film Institute, Lauren Bacall was known worldwide for her unique voice and tremendous style quotient. She featured in some of the classic movies like To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo along with her husband Humphrey Bogart. Yes, these are the facts that one can easily find about, that is why it is imperative to jump straight to the reason for you reading this jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring article. The auction which took place after the death of this mesmerizing lady who lived in the coveted Central Park Apartment became a reason for people to wonder about Lauren’s wealth and highly commendable sense of interior designing. What she left was not an apartment but a gold mine, honestly. Consequently, the auction turned into one of the longest ever event generating an unbelievable amount of cash!!

The $26 Million Central Park Apartment

Lauren Bacall’s $26 Million Central Park ApartmentLauren Bacall born on September 16, 1924, was a legendary American actress who mesmerized people through her terrific acting skills and unique voice for many years. Unfortunately, this stunning actress after glorifying Hollywood with her presence passed away on August 12, 2014, a month before her 90th birthday. She left an illustrious career behind her along with her astonishing Central Park apartment. It wouldn’t take you long to fathom the reason for me especially focusing on her apartment. The home which is located in the middle of the market is truly one of its kind and completely depicts the lavish lifestyle of Lauren. You can just get an idea of the high credentials of her $26 million house from the fact that it is considered a real estate marvel by experts.

The Most Coveted Real Estate

The Most Coveted Real Estate In New York CityAs already told, Lauren’s apartment is located in New York City’s Central Park area which houses some of the super-expensive properties of Manhattan. Lauren lived in her mansion for an incredible period of 53 years. After her death, the house went to auction and someone lucky and equally rich bought it for a staggering amount of $26 million. Yes, $26 million you heard it right. Now, the obvious question that would pop up in your mind after hearing this would be, ” what makes it so expensive?” Luckily, we have the answer for you and it will surely amaze you. As the so-called ‘apartment’ is adorned with fully complete nine rooms and entering it surely doesn’t make one feel as if he is in an apartment. Dakota Building on the Upper West side is the place where the house is located.

Nine Massive Rooms

Nine Massive RoomsIt is not a fact known to few that the Dakota Building where Lauren Bacall’s apartment is located is one among the most well-known establishments in the history of New York City. No doubt, Lauren’s apartment adorned the building with its sheer magnanimity which is evident from the floor plan of the rooms inside the house. One can get an idea of it after knowing the fact that the master bedroom which opens into a bathroom, a personal study and walk-in closet is incredibly 22 feet wide. Standing from the beautiful balcony of the house one can get a panoramic view of the Central Park. The kitchen in itself is totally awe-inspiring as it is an eat-in opening up to 24 foot by a 19-foot dining room and a room for the family. It just doesn’t get over yet as it also has a library, a gallery, and a guest bedroom.

Bacall Was A Collector

Bacall Was A CollectorThe expansive period of 53 years at her apartment saw Laura aging from the age of 36 till the age of 89 at her time of death. Obviously, she went through probably all the highs and lows of her life while staying in the house which she dearly loved. It would not take much time for a person visiting the house to realize the fact that Bacall was an ardent fan of paintings and art. The reason being her magnificent collection of antiques and art in her home. It would not be wrong to say that her house literally looks like an art museum with the walls of the house covered with rarest and the most expensive paintings from all around the world apart from photographs and prints. The thing that totally stands out in the whole apartment is the working fireplace which is not a common sight to be witnessed in a New York City Apartment.

Bacall’s Dining Room

Bacall’s Dining Room, With French-Inspired DesignThe fact of Lauren’s kitchen being totally world-class has already been mentioned. Now, let’s tell you more about it by stating the intricate details of it. An admirer of French-inspired design, Laura made sure that she incorporates it into her Kitchen while getting it constructed. We can tell that the builders didn’t disappoint her at all seeing the exquisite furniture placed in the kitchen designed in the style of Louis XIII. The whole dining room oozes a sense of Frenchism in the air evident from the perfect amalgamation of all the French elements in the room. Mostly, colors like rusty red and deep blue are used in the rug, wall hanging and chair upholstery. But, when it comes to choosing one object in the kitchen which totally steals the show then it would be the wall hanging. The French poster named The Bell Époque made by Jules Cheret got sold for an unbelievable amount of $7,000.

The Formal Dining Room

French Posters And Fine China In The Formal Dining RoomApart from the Bell Époque French poster which got sold for a staggering amount the actress made sure that her walls are full of beautiful and rare French posters. See, Lauren was not just like any other art fan as she constantly made efforts to think like a true artist in each and every endeavor of hers. One can easily notice it in her performances in the movie she did and equally in the placement and selection of things while decorating the house. One can get an idea of her incredible level of creativity after witnessing her idea of hanging the extremely rare and expensive collectibles from China next to the framed posters placed on the walls of her kitchen. Undoubtedly, she was a collector who had the knowledge of the highest level when it came to exquisite objects and paintings.