Are you planning on adopting a dog but utterly confused about which breed to go for? Are you spending most of your time thinking about adopting a kid-friendly Pitbull or an intelligent Golden Retriever or perhaps a docile Bulldog? They all have some of the unique qualities that we want in our pet but we can’t just adopt all of them. But what if you find all those qualities in just one dog.?Yes, this is true you actually can have a kid-friendly dog with an intelligent mind. For that, all you have to do is to go for a crossbreed. Another perk is that crossbreeds live a longer and healthier life in comparison to the pure breeds. Isn’t it just perfect? Let’s now delve little more into the details and find out the options we have.


As the name itself reveals this dog is a mixture of Pit Bull and Husky. This muscular crossbreed is always high on energy and is very loyal to their master.  This dog requires doing a lot of exercises. Even a furtive glance on the Pitsky would make you realize that this animal is descendent of Pitbull and Husky both. Weighing somewhere between 35-65 pounds, they inherit their bright light colored eye from Husky and their pointed ears and stout muscular body from Pit Bull. This crossbreed makes a perfect choice for those who adore Pit Bull and Husky both.