The best and the worst thing about life is that it is unpredictable. You could be having the best moment of your life and within seconds that day could turn into your worst nightmare. It is always easy to give up on something or someone, especially when you have known them for a short while. But in some cases, love works as a magical power and joins two people together in such a manner that separating them is not possible by any human force. This is the story of faith, love, persistence, and hope. I can’t promise you a happy ending but the journey of a couple that you are about to witness will surely overwhelm you.

And remember they hadn’t even known each other for even 9 months when this tragedy shook their entire world.

Who Is The Story About?

Matthew Davis and Danielle’s love story started just like the movies. It was love at first sight for Matthew who was bowled over the moment he laid his eyes on Danielle who was 23 in the May of 2010. He was determined to have her in his life at that very moment. It was only in the September of that year that shy Matthew managed to gather the courage to ask her out. Little did he know that their world was about to be shattered in a matter of months.

And She Said Yes!

When Matt first saw Danielle, he found out she was preparing for her finals and he didn’t want to distract her from studies and therefore did not woo her persistently. He never forgot about her though. After 4 months, he asked her out and to his happy surprise, she said yes in an instant! Both felt complete in each other’s company and liked to know each other. They did not know that their love was going to be put to test soon. Once Matt and Danielle got serious about each other, they fell for each other. Everyone from their family to their friends knew that the two of them were meant for each other. Things started to move forward real quick when they started dating. Both of them dined at each other’s houses with family, we all know that’s a sure sign of a serious relationship.

Danielle Davis/GoFundMe

The Age Gap

Matt was 22 years old, a year younger than Danielle. Some people frown a brow sometimes when they find that the man is younger than the woman in the relationship. However, this slight age difference mattered neither to Matt nor to Danielle or to their families. They loved each other and that’s what mattered. Also, just because he was younger doesn’t mean he didn’t know what he wanted. After deciding that she was the perfect one for him, Matt decided to propose Danielle and share the rest of his life with her. After dating for just 2 months, Matt proposed marriage to Danielle. And guess what?! She said yes again. They just could not wait to spend their lives together and decided to have their wedding as soon as possible. None of them knew that future did not hold such good prospects for the both of them.


The Perfect Wedding

People were probably shocked that Matt and Danielle were committing themselves to each other only after dating for two months! Yet, if you really knew them, you would know how strong their love really is. They had a beautiful December wedding in Forsyth, Georgia and you could tell how happy they were. Well, at least for some time. They planned to live together in Georgia nearby their friends and family, after their wedding in December. Mr. and Mrs. Davis now led a perfect life for some time, they could not get enough of each other and were always found in each others’ company. It hadn’t even been a year of knowing each other when their perfect world was torn apart, thread by thread.

7 Months Later

Related image7 months is not a long time for a couple to be married. The tragedy struck the Davis household in just 7 months of their marriage. They vowed ‘for better or for worse’ and that was what was put to test with this life-altering event. Their life changed forever when Matt went out on his bike that uneventful day. Matt was on his way to work as usual, in July 2011. That day, a car was illegally parked on the highway in the merging lane. His motorcycle crashed into that car, as can be seen from the picture. The accident was terrifying. But Danielle could not breathe a sigh of relief. Because the next worse thing happened to Matt.  Danielle was obviously heartbroken and at that point in time, she needed support. The doctors did the opposite. They told her in 90% of such cases, the patient never survives and it was not practical of her to keep hoping. They thought that Matt too will not survive but what happened next surprised even the best of the doctors.