It’s easy to say, “when life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade.” However, it’s equally difficult to be implied in real life.

Sometimes life can be really stressful. The good times get over in the blink of an eye while the bad times seem to be neverending. When we have no one by our side during the challenging phase, it becomes more heartwrenching. We all go through the rough times and this is the story of one woman who was facing it all alone.

This incident took place when a woman was already struggling and a bunch of guys interrupted her. Things like this don’t happen to everyone and that’s why we’ve selected this story to be shared today.

Grow Old Together

As a child, when her father was her hero and her mother was her inspiration. She dreamt of growing old with someone who’ll love her. She dreamt to build up a beautiful life, as magical as her parents did. A small home, a cuddling pet, lovely kids and that’s all she wanted. All that she wanted was never written for her in her book of life. 

Scared Of Loneliness

The biggest challenge for many of us is overcoming our biggest fears. For her, living a lonely life was the nightmare that scared her the most. As she grew older, at one stage of her life, slowly it started to become clear that her nightmare was soon to come true when her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Meaningless Life

Some live for money, some for happiness, some for family, some for love, some for fame, it can be anything that keeps us going. For this woman, it was her family. Life doesn’t end on the day we die but on the day we lose our reason to live. We all have reasons to exist, purpose to fulfill. Although most of us stay so much busy with our daily schedules that we never even think about such heavy things. But when alone and there’s nothing else left to do and we can not even fall asleep, that’s when these thoughts may hit our mind right at the center.

A Struggling Woman

A woman in her 40s was having some really tough days. Her bills were adding up, she worked part-time and that wasn’t enough to pay them off. Even if she wanted to, her health wouldn’t have allowed her to work full time. On top of everything, her doctor’s prescribed drugs were too costly and yet too important. She recently left her home to pay off her debts, kids’ studies and moved to a small one-room flat. 

Slowly Becoming Lonely

The most suitable words to explain her situation are, “Even our own shadow leaves us in the darkness”. So, she was not well and she was all alone. Yes, being all by yourself is a good thing but when someone sees their loved ones walking away all of a sudden, it can break anyone’s heart. Her kids were not with her, and her husband gave up on life after a long illness. And all she was now left with was memories and the random calls she used to receive from her kids once in a while. 

A Bit Of Happiness

The only source of happiness in her life was the fact that she was able to give her kids the education they deserved. Although her kids were least bothered about her. She had no one to go to but an empty home waiting for her. Even after all this, she tried hard to forget what had happened and look at what lies ahead. But she didn’t know that one day at the gas station will be changing everything for her.