How do you know that someone is lying to you? Or if someone is trying to exploit you? No matter how strong your sixth sense is we doubt that you haven’t been tricked even once. After all, one can escape once or twice but not every time. Our world is full of people with bad intentions who try to test us every now and then and it’s just a matter of time when we get fooled. These people can walk into our lives in any form, a friend, a relative, a co-worker or anyone. Those who are well aware and experienced this truth can rarely trust anyone.

A woman was doubtful about how to manage things with repair workers. She knew that her A/C needed cleaning but she was one of those people who get a really tough time in trusting people. Especially when it meant a bunch of strangers… But we all need to let them help us, don’t we? The video will make it all more clear.

True Story

Letting a stranger in one’s house is a risk that no one can help but take. They are always ready to take advantage of people in need. Well, what would you do when you have to get something in your house fixed? You will have to call a specialist, right? But what’s the surety that the person is going to do his job right? He is going to charge you right?

New Lady In Town

The woman we are talking about here recently moved to the town and she didn’t know many people. The house that she bought on rent was cheap and it required some final works to be done. She was taking a little help from the people at her work as well as the internet to know plumbers, electricians, and other people who were required to get the unfinished things done. That’s when something struck her head. 

Living Alone

Living alone comes with its own perks and cons. As we all know that with freedom comes responsibility and so this woman being worried about her safety was not wrong. She has never lived alone before. And being her first time alone and that too in a new town were enough reasons to overthink.

Trust Issues

People always try to take advantages of others, especially when a person is less aware of something or the other. This woman already had some bitter experiences in the past with people and she wanted to be sure that no one is going to fool her this time. So, she called a childhood friend just to get a piece of good advice. 

Friend To The Rescue

Well, she wasn’t wrong in calling her friend at all as she drove to her house on the very weekend to talk in person. Her friend listened to everything and told her that there’s one way to know if the repairman she’ll hire to work for her is genuinely right people to work or corrupted ones. Is there actually a way to know what someone’s intents on doing. Keeping the main factor in mind that she doesn’t know anything about this town or its people.

A Prompting Idea

While her friend wasn’t so sure that any repairmen would actually do anything so mean she showed her a contact in her phone. Her friend told her about a team of people who might help her. But who were these people and why would they even help her? What was their benefit in helping her? These questions will sound adequate to anyone who easily gets suspicious about people but what they were about to discover will not be just a doubt, or an invalid fear but the disturbing truth.