A Rumor

In the spring of 2008, Tom Faunce who was now a retired army soldier and was also posted in Vietnam back then. After he retired from the army he went on a humanitarian mission to Cambodia. He wanted to help the locals in Cambodia who were struggling with the scarcity of fresh water. Tom Faunce who served two tours was able to understand the locals and the geography of the area and he tried his best to help the locals. But then who could have thought that his life would change forever. During his time in Cambodia, he heard a rumor of one of the soldiers surviving despite tough conditions. He didn’t believe it first but then something happened…

Was It True?

Faunce didn’t believe the rumor because he thought that there was no way a person can survive in such tough conditions and even if he does, to survive the army wasn’t possible. But still, in his heart, he was praying for that soldier who could be someone he knew from the tours. And to be sure he decided to check for himself. He can’t leave his brother like this with no hope of someone coming after him. But then Faunce found out that the rumor was true. There was one soldier the Green Beret named John Hartley Robertson who did survive. He later got sent to the North Vietnamese Army. But the only question that was in Faunce’s head was how did he manage to escape when he was injured? Faunce got all his answers when he met this soldier in person…

Mystery Location

Faunce who was now very much intrigued by this soldier’s story of struggle decided to find about this person and the only way to find out if the story was even true, he had to find him and ask him in person. Was he even alive? Faunce had to start somewhere because if he was alive, he had to try to bring this lost soldier back home in any way possible. But the question was from where he should start? Being a soldier he still had several contacts in the army. He called one of his friends whom he trusted with his life. He told him about everything with a promise to never speak about it with anyone. Faunce’s friend asked him not to get his hope high but he will try his best to help in any way he can. It was more than enough for Faunce, at least he took the first step towards the investigation about a long lost hero.

Home Visit

All Faunce wanted to hear the story from Robertson in person. The door opened and there was a man about six feet tall, thinly built, and grey hair. Robertson welcomed Faunce as if they know each other for years. Somehow he knew why Faunce was there, and he had no problem with that. However, Robertson’s wife became very suspicious by the visit. Robertson calmed her down and asked Faunce to settle down but his wife kept staring at him. Then Roberston told him everything.He was just there because he wants to know the real story. He wanted to know what had happened.

The Results

After hearing the story Faunce decided to make a documentary on his life. The documentary was released and just like the viewers the whole family was convinced that this man was Robertson. The family was asked why did not they want a DNA test, they said they want to live with a belief that their father, brother, and uncle was alive. But DNA test was done and the results were really surprising. Robertson’s niece told in the interview, “The bottom line is even if the DNA test came back negative, he’s still proven to be an American. My mother will never believe he is not her brother.”