Do you ever wonder how it would be like to get separated with the one you really love, like a family member or a friend? This dog owner adored his little companion but lost it. After two years the pooch was found and the reunion was intense.

Separated For Two Years

Two years passed since this owner got separated from his beloved pooch. When the rescuers saved the dog, they were not sure if it would even remember his master. The reaction he gave after hearing his master’s voice blew everyone away.

Bill Was Devastated

Bill Ballato stayed in Westerly, Rhode Island by January 2014, where he owns a dog named Bosco. Bosco was a mixed beagle that already 9 years. Since they were popular in their neighborhood, the locals were quite involved when they realized how devastated Bill was when Bosco got lost.

Finding Bosco

Bosco was playing in Ballato’s yard when he freed himself from his leash and dashed outside. In order to locate Bosco, Ballato summoned his friends that were in town for help. Everyone did their best to try and find the missing dog, handing out flyers and pasting posters.

Moving And Losing Hope

Bosco could not, however, be found that easy.All his owner was to not lose hope and continue his search. And after Ballato shifted to Lafayette, Colorado after a few months, he was on the verge of giving up hope as the search still proved fruitless.

Multiple People Spot Bosco

With that being said Ballato tried to move with his life while the rest of his friends back in his old town continued to search. There had been a few sightings of the dog with no one being able to bring him home though. It was clear Ballato was indeed but living in the street.

Snow Storms Strike

A sudden disastrous event took place as there had been reports of three snow storm Rhode Island in quick succession. Therefore if the dog was still homeless, it would ultimately get affected. Ballato did not want to give up.