That Woman

One can trace many panhandlers on the median at the roads in Richmond. It is not a new sight there. While passing through major intersections of the city, you will come across a few of these. And there was one woman in particular that caught our guys’ eye.  This woman could be found panhandling on the particular median at the road. Every day she would be standing there with a board. People would often stop by her and offer her change. But one day she got infamous.

The Scene

The men came across the woman for nearly months, but one morning a scene caught their attention. The old panhandler woman went near the passing vehicles and started to shake the paper envelope she was holding, in order to get some pennies probably. But what followed next, made the men act immediately.

Towards Parking Lot

She stood between the road in front of every car that stopped there. While a few of them gave her their hard-earned money, there were others who had to ignore the swearing and aggressive words she spoke. And after some hour of panhandling, the woman started to move towards a parking lot.

Counting And Laughing

The woman was counting the number of pennies she had managed to collect from the generous people that day. She was smirking. She got a little cautious. However, the way the woman reacted next was something they had not expected. The woman steps ahead from the 2014 new Fiat SUV and walks towards the drive-thru in whose parking lot that car was parked.

Making Money

That day the men had decided to investigate every bit of this woman panhandler’s intentions. The men were sure that the woman is not a homeless one but they wanted her to say so. They yet again ask her where does she put up and the truth was in front of them.