Everything happens for a reason. People often say this, but not many of us believe this. The most beautiful things in life can not be seen or touched but they are the ones which can only be felt from our heart. We as humans can only hope for the best to come. A hope that someone will someday shine our life in a way none else could.

School life is the most memorable phase of anyone’s life. When we were kids and nothing in this world bothered us. Though carefree, jolly and happy childhood days are gone, their memories still reside with us. Justin and Amy two school friends at pre-school never knew that the time they spent together back then would affect their future in ways unimaginable. Honestly, they were so young to even think of the consequences later. When their paths crossed years later, everything changed, changed for good or bad, none knows but changed forever.

Blooming Flowers

This story dates back to the days when the boy and girl were in their pre-school. Yes, you read that right. It all starts from the time when they just began to tap upon the craziest stage in life-childhood. Those real smiles, muddy hands and carefree laughter. Little did they know how fate will meddle up with their lives and everything will come to a still.

Sunshine Preschool

Justin Pounders and Amy Nee Giberson were classmates in the pre-school St Petersburg’s Good Ol’ Sunshine, Florida. In school, kids at that age just learn to develop and form friendships and relationships. They don’t even know the meaning of such relation formations, kids then just enjoy the companionship.

 Oblivious To Fate

While everyone was busy learning the basic education in life, Justin never realized while playing at the swings, that he had developed a liking, a childhood crush for his classmate Amy. They both were kids who didn’t care about the happenings, but soon only time will show that things happened for a reason.

Puppy Love

Amy and Justin were only 3 years old back then. Neither of them realized that when sitting together bloomed into a precious friendship. They had their own set of happiness attached in sitting over the same table and eating their meals together. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, they were sharing a “puppy-love”.


Even their class teacher, Diane Twar said, “they had a blast together while playing and loved sitting next to each other”. However, she also says that as they are the formation years for the children none takes it into anything else other than cuteness. However, things soon took a U-turn.


Back then what everyone named as “Cuteness, childishness” soon only lost the charm. Kindergarten came to an end and life happened. But as they say, one never knows what the next morning’s sun holds for us, something like that yet totally unanticipated happened.