If you ever suffer from a health problem or a disease, the only thing you want is to get rid of it as soon as possible. You will contact the medical professionals and go under prescribed medications in order to get back to your routine life. But imagine, that you suffer from a disease that no professional could help you out with? How would you feel? A little scared, panicked and tensed?

Well, this is a story of twin sisters Kimberly and Nicole. Nicole suffers from a dental problem of melting teeth. Even after knocking from one dentist’s door to the other she could not get a remedy for her teeth. And almost after 10 years of struggling with melting teeth, her unusual medical problem is discovered that stuns the world.

The Twins

Nicole and Kimberly were identical twins residing in the United States. Both the sisters had a childhood just like any other. They would eat, play, sleep and repeat. Life was beautiful to them, until the day an incident occurred that affected them till their adulthood years.


It is natural for the baby teeth to fall in the early preschool years. Kimberly was only 4 years when she experienced her first tooth fall. She was very excited when it happened as she desperately wanted the tooth fairy to reward her with something in exchange for her fallen tooth. This is all one can expect from a 4-year-old after all.

Mine Too

Nicole too wanted to experience this tale of the tooth fairy and was waiting for her tooth to fall. But nothing like this happened. She turned 6 years old when for the first time, her tooth started to ache. Little did she know the thing she had been eagerly waiting for will bother her for all her life.

Placed Under Pillow

She was in constant pain. Her toothache was so severe that she couldn’t even eat or drink. All day and night it would hurt. While Kimberly had no toothache, Nicole had it to the extremes. She was worried but even excited that once her tooth falls, she’ll keep it under the pillow and wait for the tooth fairy’s magic spell.


In days to come, Nicole lost all of her milk teeth. She was elated about it, as every time she would lose a tooth, she’ll place it under the pillow before sleeping and in the morning would wake up with a coin or a dollar bill against it. Unfortunately, the fun of childhood turned into a major problem in adulthood.

Matter Of Age

As the girls grew up from being carefree little ones into matured responsible women, they left behind all these games and tales of the tooth fairy. On reaching adulthood the twins took life seriously, but a childhood game made its way back to Nicole.