Let us ask you something, according to you, what do you think is the biggest mystery that revolves around on this planet Earth? Now, don’t get all philosophical by saying, life is the biggest mystery. Life could be a mystery but that’s pretty much debatable because everybody sees life from a very different perspective. But what we are asking you here is the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle. Intrigued yet? If not then you’ll be. Because finally, the scientists have solved the puzzle, what Bermuda Triangle really is. You’ll be amazed to read the reason behind all the things that have happened in the Bermuda Triangle. Let’s get started.

So, this tale of the Bermuda Triangle is for real. This place is the busiest route for the cargo ships that travel all around the globe. But what’s interesting is the fact that there are numerous mysteries that revolve around it. It’s not that easy to digest the fact that how can one place like this could hold so many secrets, but with so many strange cases that have happened in the course of the history of the Bermuda Triangle this place never ceases to surprise us. But, today we will unveil the mystery and the reason will shock you.

If you don’t know where exactly the Bermuda Triangle is then let us tell you. It is located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. The three points of the triangle are Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, which is heavily used by the ports of America, Europe, and the Caribbean islands. According to official records, more than 1,000 ships have disappeared in this mystical place over the past five centuries. Can you believe that? 1,000 ships!Scary, right? The reason behind ships getting disappeared is even scarier.

A lot has happened in the Bermuda Triangle. There are only a few incidents of which we are aware of and god knows what happened to the rest of ships and airplanes that crossed paths with the Bermuda triangle. The ships and airplanes have just vanished from the face of the Earth leaving not even a single clue behind. There was no distress signal which ships and airplanes usually record while facing an extreme situation, and if that wasn’t enough the rescue teams didn’t even find any wreckage from the ships or planes. There was an incident where entire squadrons disappeared like a smoke. Did you know the famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus traveled the Bermuda Triangle? He saw something there.

The creator of the modern Western World Christopher Columbus sailed to discover the New World and while doing that he crossed the Bermuda Triangle. He described what he saw in there in his journal saying, a “great flame of fire” came from the sky and landed into the sea. He experienced some mysterious lights and unpredictable compass readings.

The Bermuda Triangle even inspired the famous writer William Shakespeare who described this place in his famous work “The Tempest” where he wrote about the actual shipwreck that happened in the Bermuda Triangle. In the play, the sorcerer, his brother and the king struggle with the storm on an island. What is with this place that inspired so many to write about it. What goes in the deep of the sea of the Bermuda Triangle? There have been other cases that shocked the world.

On March 1918, the collier left the Barbados island as it was supposed to do but who would have thought that it was the last time the ship will ever sail. This massive ship was nearly 550 feet long, was sailing with a 309-man crew and still remains the biggest mystery that scratches several heads even today. There was an article in Santa Fe about the sudden disappearance of the Cyclops: “Usually a wooden bucket or a cork life preserver identified as belonging to a lost ship is picked up after a wreck, but not so with the Cyclops,” they wrote. “She just disappeared as though some gigantic monster of the sea had grabbed her, men and all, and sent her into the depths of the ocean, and the suddenness of her destruction is amplified by the absence of any wireless calls for help being picked up by any ship along the route.”