Working in a sheriff office can be really tiring and challenging, especially when you are a deputy for over 2 decades. Even though retiring from that job could appear stressful to some, it could come as a blow to the person who has probably spent half of his life doing that job. People deal with stress in different ways- some listen to music, some use a stress ball or a fidget spinner, some opt for yoga. But what this Deputy did in a lift to relieve his stress, in the presence of other people is, to say the least unexpected.

Tony Scherb’s Other Identity

In the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Tony Scherb had served for 29 years now. He was famously known to be strict and disciplined. It was the day of his retirement and how he celebrated it in an elevator surprised his co-workers and is going to come to you as an unexpected piece of information.

A Career Spanning 29 Years

In El Paso County, situated in Colorado, Tony was one of the longest-serving officers from his department. For approximately 29 years he had worked with the transport and traffic units and was a favorite of his colleagues. His disciplined nature got him promoted to a deputy and his fun-loving side got him famous among his colleagues. After so many years it was time for him to move on.

Elevator Troubles

Ongoing elevators malfunctions have been troubling the Sheriff office’s authorities for long now. El Paso County accommodates over 663,000 residents and the police department is responsible for keeping all of them safe. The malfunctioning elevator had been a  cause of trouble and might have led to some issues if the only office in the county was attacked. But a solution was suggested.

Hidden Camera In The Lift

Attempting to diagnose the problem these two mischievous looking technicians installed a camera in the elevator 2 but kept its knowledge a secret. People do all kinds of things when they think they are alone and the hidden camera became a form of amusement for the people on the backend.

Relief From Emotions

After his retirement gathering and speech, Tony Scherb was expectedly emotional. However, he refused to stay in the state for long and as soon as he entered the lift. Just like other people, Tony had his way of dealing with loneliness and stress too and he even had the female officers to join him in this. And all this while it was being recorded on the camera.

His Retirement Surprise To His Department

He might have received a lot of gifts and speeches that day, but what Deputy Tony ended up doing in that elevator would definitely have to be the show-stopping event of the day. Who would have expected that the officer would behave in this manner when he thought no one was looking at him?