Couldn’t identify through accent

Ms. Grette was astonished that she could not identify the man through his accent. She told the guy about this, but she never gave this topic a much emphasis. 

The Future Plans

He further revealed her future plans to her. He told her that he was planning for his retirement. He also tells her that he wanted to move to Sweden, he would give his current house in Denmark to his son, Nick, while he would settle down in Sweden.

She wanted to meet him

“I wanted to meet him because I liked him,” she said. “He had a way and a sweetness I had never known in a man before. And he was innocent in a way that puzzled me.”

Series of calls

After three months of communication, the man told her that he was coming over to Sweden to meet her but before that, he had to visit Nigeria with his son, for his job interview. He made first call to her telling her that he along with his son was at Heathrow airport. But her next call shocked Ms. Grette in which he told her that he was in a hospital in Lagos, Nigeria. They had been mugged by some local goons and his son had been shot dead by them. He explained to her that he had no papers or money left with him. Plus, adding to his woes his bank didn’t have a branch in Africa. 

His Request

His first message read: “Honey, I am in the hospital right now using the doctor´s laptop to send you this message so you can know my situation. Honey, if Nick dies I will also die with him, I have been crying, I wish I could call you, I wish I never came here, I will never forgive myself for bringing Nick along with me. I will call you later with the doctors’ phone and send you an email later if I have the chance.” Later, he messaged her again: “Honey, I am happy to hear from you and I am still at the hospital. The doctor said we where lucky we were not kidnapped. The bank does not have a location in Africa, so it will take time to get money and the management are requesting 1000 euros to proceed with treatment. Nick is all I have got and I will not forgive myself if anything happens to him. I am confused, and I do not know where to turn at the moment……”

Ms. Grette rushes to transfer money

“I will never forget how I rushed to the Western Union office, trembling while I did the transfer,” Ms. Grette said. “All I could think of was to get the two persons in Nigeria out of danger.”