The story you are about to read is a truly inspiring man who has sacrificed all that he had for a righteous cause. He saw that G0d Almighty had helped him in the time of need which was truly incredible.

Crisis In Philadelphia

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The biggest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Philadelphia. It is also the sixth most populated city in the United States. Due to its rich history, this city suffers from a very tragic issue: youth homelessness. If you check the reports in the Office of Homeless Services, on an average close to 600 Philadelphians aged 13 to 25 are sadly, homeless.

A Samaritan To The Rescue

Meet Jones, he is a 29 man who has the kindest heart. He decided to dedicate his time to give free haircuts to all the homeless locals inside the city. He had a former job as a wardrobe stylist and a barber. This year interestingly he vested his time driving around with his ” personal mobile salon.”

The Sight Was Unbearable

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It began all the way back when Jones came across a homeless man. When he saw the man he gave him a few bucks and a banana to eat. Later, Jones was on his way back home but soon realized after the sight of the homeless man, that it had left a deep imprint on his heart. He decided then and there that he needed to give help.

Retrospection In Gear

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As he headed home, Jones felt pity for himself. He had this huge weight on his heart, feeling as though he had passed the chance of changing someone’s life for the better. He started to beat himself for being selfish and not even thinking or doing anything for the pain and misery of the needy. He made a final decision to improve the environment around him as best as he could. How though?

A Different Approach

Jones after deciding that he would try and help the homeless people in his city, realized he could only do what he was best at doing. That was doing other people’s haircuts. He dusted off his clippers and drove around ins search of people that showed interest.

His First Help

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As soon as Jones spotted a homeless man, he would go and approach him and start a conversation. He recollects the first homeless man he helped. It was a man sitting on the corner of South 15th Street and Walnut Street, in downtown Philadelphia. Jones gave him a nice clean haircut.