Lions are one of the most dangerous predators in the world. They stand at the top of the food chain in their African and Indian environment and are not to be messed with. Their powerful extremities, which include their powerful teeth, sharp claws in addition to their amazing speed, make them pretty terrifying. Even though lions are fearsome beasts, some people are brave enough to step in the same cage with them.

The story of one man and a lioness

Did you know that lions start getting familiar with those who visit them? And what happens when someone adopts one?  This is the story of Adolfo and Kiara, the man who adopted the lioness. When Alfonso used to work as a lion trainer a couple of years ago, he was introduced to Kiara when she was still a cub.

She was a cub when they met

Adolfo and Kiara’s meeting was when she was a mere cub. She had all the charms that accompany an animal when they’re babies. She was a cute, tiny and fluffy cub. What Alfonso wasn’t aware of was that their bond was going to transcend the boundaries of trainer and animal…

A fierce predator

There’s a good reason behind why lions are always referred to as kings of the jungle. They are one of the jungle’s fiercest and strongest predators. Even though they spend a majority of their time lounging in the sun, when the time for hunting comes, there are few beings that can escape their clutches.

He did his job

Even just the image of a lion roaring is enough to instill fear! It’s a terrifying concept to even imagine being in the same vicinity as them. Despite all of this, Adolfo did his job as a lion trainer superbly. Adolfo did what was asked of him, but he never expected Kiara’s reaction when he came back to visit her after not seeing each other for many years!

They had to part ways

After training Kiara while she was a cub, Adolfo and the baby lioness had to part ways. Now, Kiara was a full-grown lioness. She had beautifully bloomed into her role as a majestic beast. She was a formidable creature to withhold! However, this didn’t deter Adolfo from paying her a to visit. But Kiara’s reaction when she heard his voice was stupefying, to say the least!

He decided to visit her

Adolfo decided to pay a visit to the zoo which Kiara currently called her home. It had been many years since the two had been privy to each other, but Adolfo was still keen to see her again. He was sure that he would just be a passing face to her. Kiara was nonchalantly playing around when he first arrived, but everything changed the moment he called her name!