Stokes Practice Fishing As Much As Possible

To get better with each passing day, Stokes practice in water as much as possible. “I go fishing anytime I can,” he revealed to the Rutland Herald in August 2017. And the factor which plays in his favor is his house, which is very near to Vermont’s famous Otter Creek.

Reeled Fishes of Various Species

Over the passage of time, Stokes has caught fish of all shapes and sizes. The different species he had caught include pike, catfish and also carp. Stokes felt very proud of himself when he once reeled a 20-pound example.

A regular day ending on a surprisingly high note

However, the junior angler was unaware that he would be registering his name in Vermont’s record books in April 2017. It was a regular fishing day for Stokes and his dad John, but their day ended on a very high note. 

Not in a mood to break any record

As far as the duo of father and son was concerned, they were in no mood of breaking any records that summer day. “We were fishing for anything that might bite,” Stokes revealed. However, when something tugged on his fishing rod, the young angler could tell that, whatever it was, it was huge.

Pulling it up with full force

Remembering the incident, Stokes revealed, “After a few big bites, this huge fish almost took my pole right off the stick.” So, the young angler ecstatically held onto his rod and pulled it with full force. 

Not Giving Up

As he realized the power with which the fish was tugging his rod was extreme, he knew that it was something gigantic. However, he knew netting this one would not be a walk in the park. But Stokes was high in spirits and was not going to give up easily.