Former Stray Dog Tony

In the same interview, Hueche revealed that Tony was a stray dog. He had seen him lurking around on the streets nearby his place. So, he adopted Tony. And now Tony is his family member. Hueche provides Tony with all kinds of nutritious food, which is healthy for dogs, and also provides him with the right amount of love and care. Hueche says, “Tony is like my son”.

Tony Gets Equally Affectionate With Jesus

With this incident, Tony showed that he reciprocates the same amount of love, care, and affection for his owner, Jesus Hueche. Dogs are born with this feature. They show their loyalty towards their owner, no matter what. It is said that love is the best investment, and if it is invested in an animal like this dog, then you will get the best in return.

This is not the only incident where dogs have proved their loyalty, let us have a look at some other incidents as well.

The Superdog From Kazakhstan

This incident is from Karaganda, Kazakhstan. The master of this dog was an alcoholic man. Once he consumed a lot of alcohol and had fallen asleep on the railway track. The dog put in a lot of effort to nudge the man off the track, and he was successful in saving his master, but in this process, lost his own life.

Capitan Still Waits For His Master

This one is an incredible story. An Argentinian man named Miguel Guzman died in 2006. When Capitan, got to know about the death of his master, he ran away from his home and was found in the graveyard, guarding his master’s grave. And as of now, Capitan is still beside his master’s grave.

The Italian Dog Waited Every Day For 14 Years

This story is from the history books. A dog named Fido had a regular routine of visiting the bus stop to greet his master when he comes back from his work.Borgo San Lorenzo, Fido’s master was serving during the second world war. His master died in an air strike and never came back. But, Fido waited for him, for long 14 years, and died at the bus stop itself.

 Hachiko’s Never-Returning Master


This story is similar to that of Fido. Hachiko’s routine was to greet his master at the Shibuya railway station. But Hachiko’s master died of a brain hemorrhage, and never made it back to the Shibuya railway station. Hachiko continued to visit the station for the next 9 years.On March 8, 1935, Hachiko was found dead on a street in Shibuya. He was suffering from Filaria and terminal cancer.