The Most Loyal Animal On Earth

It is highly agreed by many when we say that dogs are the most loyal pets. Time and again they have proven this. They never let their masters down. Just a mere presence of a dog in a family keeps its environment warm. Some medically proven facts reveal that for human beings, dogs are the best animals for companionship during their old age. This case right here proves just that.

Proven By Dear Tony

A dog named Tony again proves that a dog is a man’s best friend. His owner fell onto a concrete sidewalk, after trimming a tree near his home. Tony’s owner fell unconscious onto the sidewalk, and Tony ran up to him, fostering him and trying to help him get his consciousness.

Tony Adamantly Refuses To Leave His Master

Jesus Hueche, who belonged to Argentina, is Tony’s owner. He fell from a tree, from a height of six feet while trimming its branches and fell head first on the concrete floor, immediately losing his consciousness. Even when Jesus’ neighbors came to rescue him, Tony denied leaving his master’s side and sat upon him.

The Ambulance Arrives Shortly

The ambulance arrived at the spot where the accident took place. Jesus’ neck was immediately supported by a neck brace, and things were certainly critical. Such accidents are so dangerous that they sometimes lead to more serious injuries which can cause death. But, Tony was with his owner all the time, trying his bits, to get Jesus back on his toes.

Jesus Hueche Regains Consciousness

But soon enough, Jesus Hueche gained his consciousness back. He underwent some medical scrutinization in the ambulance itself. Tony tried to get into the ambulance but his repeated efforts went in vain. A few moments later, Hueche had been declared fit again.

An Emotional Master

In an interview to a local news channel, Hueche told them that when he gained consciousness and saw Tony beside him, this got him emotional, and Tony also started waging his tail and expressed his love for his owner by licking all over his face.