The Weird Noise

When she reached home, everything was fine. She had her lunch, cuddled Sully and was about to leave for work. As she approached the door, Sully made a weird noise.  

Clueless Longhurst

Remembering the worrying experience, Longhurst wrote, “He started doing this really scary cough/clearing of throat/choking noise. And it really freaked me out.” At this point, she was clueless.

The Internet Help

A bewildered Longhurst took to the internet. She googled how to give the dog a CPR. She also checked Sully’s throat to check if something was stuck in there. But, she was unable to get to any clue as to what was bothering her dog.

Sully’s Normal Behavior

She noticed that although Sully was making strange sounds, however, his behavior was normal. “He was wagging his tail and running around and just wanted to play but also kept making this horrific noise,” Longhurst recalled.

Salsberry rushes home

Longhurst immediately called Salsberry who was at work and asked him to come home urgently so that Sully was not alone.  Salsberry told her wife that he would spend the afternoon with Sully and she can leave for work without worrying.When Salsberry came home, he observed that the dog was not coughing anymore.

The mysterious Cough strikes again!

Since Sully didn’t make any coughing noise further, the couple were relaxed. “We figured he must have just gotten something stuck in his throat and finally got it out,” Longhurst said. But little did they know that a mysterious cough would come back.