Some people fake their behavior just to grab attention from their loved ones. But this dog had left every human being behind in this art of fakeness. He faked it in a unique way, which left his owners astonished.

Dog was rushed to a vet

When they noticed their dog coughing severely, the owners rushed him to a nearby vet, where the dog underwent a series of tests, which resulted in nothing. But, the later diagnosis revealed something amazing.  

Sullivan The Dog

Kennady Longhurst and Alex Salsberry are a young married couple who live in Utah. They have one more member in their family and that is their beloved dog, Sullivan. They gave him a moniker as well – “Sully.”

A Perfect Pet

Sullivan is a one-year-old Border Collie mix, and according to Longhurst, he’s an immaculate pet. “He is your typical dog – happy, playful, energetic, cuddly, needy and really smart. He loves the dog park, going for hikes, chomping on bones, and people – he LOVES people,” she wrote on Facebook in November 2017.

The Inseparables

And it would not be wrong to say that all three of them are in love with each other. They are inseparable. They enjoy every moment with each other. Whether they are on a vacation or watching tv, they do it together.  

Cannot be with Sully all the time

As they were a working couple, therefore, they couldn’t be with Sully all of the time. “We try really hard to not leave him alone for more than three [or] four hours at a time,” Longhurst explained.

Longhurst visited home to check on Sully

One day in November 2017, Longhurst was doing an extra shift and Salsberry was also engrossed in his work. But Longhurst decided to check on Sully during her lunch break.