The Years For Self-Exploration

Mary Zolkowski Story

Everybody knows that college years are the years of experimentation and trying new things. We get to train ourselves to balance out the levels of our social lives and work. For this particular teen, the college would be so much more than just a learning experience.

A Wobbly Story

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She successfully convinced the people around that she went through a traumatic experience. It was only after a while that people began to notice the glitches in her stories, getting them to be a little suspicious. They were led on a wild goose chase trying to figure out what happened. Her story started on a Michigan college campus.

A Call On The Phone

Mary Zolkowski Story

On February 22nd, the Delta College received a call from a panicky mother who claimed that her daughter experienced a horrifying ordeal, that she was raped. Although her daughter seemed to have gone through such a traumatic incident, she could communicate with the authorities herself.

The Incident Took Place


Mary Zolkowski Story

Mary Zolkowski, 21, explained in detail her encounter. At around 5:50 p.m. she told them that after noticing that somebody was following her, she hurried in fear walking towards her car when the man grabbed hold of her. According to her, the man held her face and throat, then soon after raped her.

Telling Her Story For The First Time

Mary Zolkowski Story

Mary told the police that she was unable to see the man’s face but claimed that his hand wa quite recognizable as they were all she saw. Then she went on saying that after he was done with her, the attacker jumped into the passenger seat of a vehicle and took off.

“It Was All A Blur”

Mary Zolkowski Story

Because she was left so shocked and frightened, she was in no position to try and recollect the vehicle her attacked fled away in. She said she “kind of blacked out” during the incident…