This world has always amazed us with strange happenings and events. No doubt, the greatest magician in this world is Mother Nature herself. This is a similar event, in which a crew noticed something, which at first made them suspicious and a little scared, but eventually, what they witnessed was enough to make them stand in awe and admire the sight.

Spotting an Odd Shadow

Since long ago, men have fluttered out into the wild with hopes to dominate the unknown. They seem to forget the fearsome force that mother nature posse, wandering in their own prosperity. One should never underestimate its potential or they could find themselves in a situation as dangerous as that of The Maiken crew. While on their voyage through the Pacific ocean terror dawned on them when they noticed an odd shadow in the sea. It resembled a seaweed or dirt which had come afloat. But there was a lot more happening behind it all.

A Sandbar?

While some members of the crew thought it out to be a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, which is no worry, of course. But the chilling truth is that this formation was about to catch everyone off guard. While people continued to speculate what it actually was, no one had a concrete answer.

Laying in Ambush

The ominous presence of this muck floating atop the ocean had started to push people to feel uneasy. They could feel something was coming yet not sure as to what it might be. Everyone sensed that they were on a dangerous ground. They started to prepare themselves for the worst. Everyone pulled up their socks.

A Nightmare Come True

When the crew finally came face to face with the floating mass, their worst nightmare turned into reality. The gritty stone-like substance, which they at first thought to be a sandbar, was pumice which is usually found near active volcanoes, similar to something your beautician would exfoliate your feet with. 

A Beach? Here?

Anyone looking at this picture would think it was a photo of the beach. But it’s presence in the middle of the ocean and the ease with which the boat was shearing through this mass made it its sinister intents clear. It was more than it was looked like. A mystery unfolding.

A Trail Of Sand

They were sailing through the stone, which made them even more curious about what was happening. A break was left behind, as the crew went through it. But it had raised more questions than it answered. What was the cause behind this peculiar phenomenon? And what was about to follow it?