Drown Or Get Eaten Up?

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The visitors were all scared for the bird. The poor bird was desperately trying to fly off but the cold grips of the waters denied its efforts. The bird’s future did not seem so bright because even if the bear did not, in fact, kill it, it might still drown.

In Need Of Assistance

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It was obvious that the bird, now identified as a crow could not escape. The poor crow seemed to have met with an injury that refrained it from getting out of the water. Its wet wings were not going to assist it in flying away. It needed help, and fast.

Things Begin To Heat Up

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Why did this poor crow have to find its way into the bear’s custody? It was only a matter of time before Vali turned a nice family visit to the zoo into a harrowing National Geographic special.

Vali Gets Closer

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Because the bird was conspicuously attempting to get out, it caught Vali’s attention. Vali then slowly approached a nearby rock—which had some meat on it—to get a closer look. Was the food enough to distract her?

Spotting The Crow

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Vali immediately chomped on the food there but soon enough took a glance at the crow. Onlookers gasped audibly as Vali stepped off the rock and moved closer to the edge of the enclosure’s pond. Vali went closer to the crow who was still hovering about in the water failing to fly.

Food That Is Still Alive

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Vali seemed quite intrigued to see an intruder in her pool. The food that the care-takers provided had always been aptly placed for Vali to easily eat, but this was another type of meal. The food here was still very much alive and breathing.