Fearsome Bears

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There is a common fear of any face-to-face encounters with a bear for obvious reasons. Hello, have you seen their massive claws and razor-sharp teeth? It is no shocker when they top multiple lists as the most ferocious animals on the planet.

An Unlucky Bird?

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Their scary appearance may be why the incident at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary left the visitors with a complete stun back in August 2014. A bear name Vali is kept in the zoo. Inside Vali’s compartment, a bird had fallen in the water. Many feared for the poor little’s bird’s fate.

What Would The Bear Do?

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When the humongous bear spotted the bird, it made its way towards it. The spectators were giving loud gasps, scared of what the bear might do to it. It was then that something amazing happened.

Ability To Turn Anything Into A Meal

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We have stated before that bears are popular as vicious animals to most. One look at their long claws, sharp teeth, and enormous size, and it’s easy to see why. They are capable of turning anything they see into their dinner, lunch or breakfast.

On Top Of The Food Chain

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Some of the biggest species have fallen prey to a bear as they are quite strong and forceful as predators. Because of this very fact that bears can prey on even the biggest and fiercest, it should come as no surprise that they top the food chain.

An Unexpected Meal For The Bear?

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When people at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary watched a small crow fall in the water inside the enclosure of a female brown bear named Vali, everyone expected the bear to devour the bird in one efficient gulp.